We are a boutique studio that helps our clients feel and look their best selves. We are fueled by the idea of encouraging women to prioritize self-care. And to do that, we offer unparalleled long-term, semi-permanent beauty solutions that save time, enhance natural beauty, and make you feel more confident. 

Voted Best Day Spa in Pittsburgh

who we are

We strive to provide our clients with artisan aesthetic and wellness treatments in a dreamlike, intimate environment. Think of our studio as a quick escape from the chaos of the modern world. 

From services offered and products used to the studio’s interior design and music selection, every detail has been carefully curated for that unique, escape-like experience.

Our Approach

We aim to give every client the attention and care they deserve. 

At onyx + aura, each artist completes a 6-12 month apprenticeship under our talented master artist, Roxanne. We pride ourselves on giving our staff a top-notch education and continually sharpening our skills to perform the proper techniques for our clients every single time.

our craft

Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a passion for art, design, and making things look more beautiful. I spent Saturdays helping out in my aunt’s parlor. I love the buzz of the salon and the client’s reaction when they see themselves first. 

I started my journey as an apprentice to a hair industry mogul, traveling to beauty shows in NYC, LA, and Miami. The industry’s artistic nature and flamboyance inspired me and gave me a sense of belonging that I had never experienced before. And that’s how onyx + aura came to be— it was created to inspire, to provide opportunities to people who want to work in the beauty industry, and to make every woman feel taken care of.

I was inspired by the concept of what I refer to as “experiential beauty” or “curated salon experience.” I wanted to create a haven where people would come not only to receive professional beauty treatments and boost their confidence but also to give them a quick escape from reality. 

With over a decade of experience in the industry with numerous training and certifications, I aim to redefine the standards within the beauty industry and the people who work in it. And together, we are ready to go above and beyond to give women a unique beauty experience in an environment where they are welcomed, accepted, and valued.

How It Started

Founder & Master Artist

meet roxanne

My team and I aim to raise the bar in the beauty industry and provide our clients with today’s most advanced, cutting-edge aesthetic treatments.

raising the bar in the beauty industry

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